Vic police suspended over corruption

Comissioner Nixon says she has received new legal advice that she can use the powers to suspend police officers pending dismissal if they are causing the community to lose confidence in the force.

She says the two officers suspended are Detective Sergeant Paul Dale from the Drug Investigation Division, who is currently facing drugs charges, and Senior Constable Edward Robb from the Benalla station.

Comissioner Nixon says she has decided to exercise her powers show the public that Victoria Police is determined to stamp out corruption within its ranks.

“Dealing with police officers in terms of criminal matters is actually very difficult.” She says

“Courts and juries are very loath to convict police officers. And so as we move down that track, we are often very well aware that the police officers can be found not guilty. And that’s part of our legal process.”

Commissiner Nixon says she has a responsibility to Victoria’s citizens to make sure Victoria Police is corruption-resistant and corruption-free.

She says the Victoria Police ethical standards department is preparing cases in which she will consider whether to use the no confidence power to suspend officers.

“We think over the next fews months, I am advised, that I will be given one a week, something in that region. It certainly isn’t in the more recently suggested hundreds, it is in fact probably in the vicinity of 15 to 20.”

Commissioner Nixon says she will e-mail all Victoria Police officers warning them their jobs are at risk if they engage in corrupt behaviour.

There have been calls for a Royal Commission into police corruption in Victoria, amid claims some officers are involved in drug trafficking and underworld murders in Melbourne.

Victoria’s Government has refused to set up an independent inquiry, but has appointed a well-known corruption investigator Tony Fitzgerald, to investigate some issues relating to the corruption claims.

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