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The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) league table for 2005 found that 54 of the top 200 universities in the US, with Britain home to 24 and Australia supplying 17 of the institutions listed.

The University of Melbourne was the highest-ranked Australian school, moving to position 19 from 22 last year.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology moved up a position to second place, while venerated British universities Cambridge and Oxford jumped into third and fourth place respectively, beating US rivals Stanford and Berkeley.

The rankings, which debuted last year, bring together the opinions of 2,275 academics from various disciplines from around the world.

These are combined with measures including the number of times that research papers are cited by academic colleagues, staff-to-student ratios and the number of students and staff recruited from overseas.

This year’s analysis also includes a measure based on the views of international employers on which universities they prefer to recruit from.

The rankings show the world’s top 200 universities in 31 countries.

All but two are in Europe, Asia or North America.

The exceptions are the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Aside from Cambridge, Oxford, the London School of Economics (11th) and Imperial College London (13th) in Britain, France’s Ecole Polytechnique (10th) is the only other European university to secure a top 20 position.

The Netherlands is continental Europe’s top higher education nation, with ten universities in the top 200, ahead of France and Germany with nine each.

Only two Russian universities feature from eastern Europe.

Top 20 universities as listed by the Times Higher Education Supplement. Last year’s rankings are in brackets.

    Harvard University US (1)
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology US (3)
    Cambridge University UK (6)
    Oxford University UK (5)
    Stanford University US (7)
    University of California, Berkeley US (2)
    Yale University US (8)
    California Institute of Technology US (4)
    Princeton University US (9)
    Ecole Polytechnique France (27)
    Duke University US (52)
    London School of Economics UK (11)
    Imperial College London UK (14)
    Cornell University US (23)
    Beijing University China (17)
    Tokyo University Japan (12)
    University of California, San Francisco US (20)
    University of Chicago US (13)
    Melbourne University Australia (22)
    Columbia University US (19) (/ol>

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