Sudan rejects Dafur intervention

However Sudanese rebels have called for the quick arrival of foreign troops.

Secretary general of the ruling National Congress (NC) party, Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, was quoted by the official newspaper Al Anbaa as warning that force would be met by force.

“Anybody who contemplates imposing his opinion by force will be confronted by force,” he said.

“Any power that intervenes in Darfur will be a loser.”

But a Darfur rebel movement called for a rapid deployment of international troops to deal with the situation in the western Sudanese region, described by the United Nations as the world’s worst current humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile the United States and Europe stepped up warnings of sanctions unless Sudan halts a conflict in its Darfur region, and Australia said it was likely to contribute troops to any UN peacekeeping mission.

Many observers said rebels in the arid western region were obstructing peace efforts in the expectation that what the United Nations calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis would force the international community to intervene.

Germany said Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer and US Secretary of State Colin Powell agreed in phone talks that “sanctions will be unavoidable if the (Khartoum) government does not meet
its self-set commitments in Darfur”.

Many countries have demanded Khartoum disarm Arab militias accused of mounting a scorched earth policy against black Africans in Darfur that the US Congress has branded genocide.

The US Congress unanimously passed a resolution last week describing the atrocities committed in Darfur as genocide and called on the White House to lead international efforts to intervene.

A top British general said 5,000 troops could be made ready to go if needed.
The UN says up to 50,000 people have died since a revolt against the Arab-dominated government in Khartoum broke out among black African ethnic minorities in February 2003.

“The National Congress firmly rejects any foreign threats targeting Sudan and its people and is opposed to any foreign intervention in Sudan,” said Omar.

He said that Sudan was capable of solving its problems by itself.

The official called for general mobilisation among the Sudanese people and political parties and organisations to “stand up against this unfair campaign which targets not only the National Congress and the government but all of the Sudanese people and their values.”

Khartoum has brushed off criticism that it is not doing enough to help alleviate the situation in Darfur and pledged to improve the access of international aid agencies.

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