More murder confessions shock Belgium

A 62-year-old Frenchman who has already admitted to killing six young girls and women, has confessed to the murder of two other teenage girls.

Michel Fourniret has been in Belgian custody since June 2003 on suspicion of abducting minors and sexual misconduct.

His wife Monique Olivier has accused Fourniret of killing nine people between 1987 and 2001.

A French investigator told the AFP news agency that the names of ‘Celine’ and ‘Mayana’ were given by Fourniret in his most recent confession to authorities.

Celine Saison, aged 18, and 13-year-old Manyana Thumpong, disappeared in France in 2000 2001.

Their bodies were later found in Belgium.

Fourniret had previously admitted to the murders of six girls and women aged between 12 and 18.

However, he has denied his wife’s allegation that he killed a girl, believed to have been aged about 16, who had worked as an au pair in 1993.

Two of his victims were said by prosecutors to have been buried at a chateau Fourniret once owned, in the Ardennes region along the Franco-Belgian border.

Prosecutor for the French city of Reims, Yves Charpenel, said once there is more information on the disappearances of Fourniret’s victims, authorities will begin digging.

Fourniret came to the attention of French police in 1987, when he received a seven year sentence from a court in Essonne, south of Paris, for rape and indecent assault on minors.

He was freed after several months due to the length of time he had spent in custody.

Officials said he then eluded detection because his crimes were committed on both sides of the Belgian-French border.

His confessions are said to have followed a decision by Fourniret’s estranged wife to speak to police.

Authorities have also charged him with attempting to kidnap a 14-year-old girl in 2000.

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