Florida cleans up after Wilma

In the last five days Wilma produced intense winds and rains battering the southern US state, Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula and Cuba.

Massive power outages and curfews to prevent looting slowed recovery efforts along the path of the hurricane in Florida.

More than three million homes were left without electricity in several cities with hundreds of buildings damaged.

At least 30,000 people were rendered homeless by the storm and operations to distribute food, ice and other necessities began in several counties.

Cancun devastated

Tens of thousands of foreign tourists scrambled to leave the Mexican resort city of Cancun.

The airport was reopened only for emergency aid flights and to ferry out tourists and people with serious injuries.

The Mexican government flew soldiers and federal police into the city to restore order.

Local police there were overwhelmed by the devastation and the crime following the hurricane.

A spokesman for Mexican president Vicente Fox said “the situation is now under control.”

However, the city and surrounding area remained wrecked by the storm.

About 260 high-tension power line towers toppled and more than 10,000 smaller electric poles blown down.

Hoteliers in the Yucatan area called for heavy federal aid to restore operations for the all-important winter season.

Havana flooded

In Havana, several main roads remained closed as parts of the city were flooded after levees burst in the wake of the hurricane.

Along the coast, walls of buildings had crumbled into the ocean because of the storm surge and massive waves.
According to civil defence officials, in Santa Fe west of the capital, 2,000 homes were submerged by the flooding and another 2,000 were damaged.

Authorities said they were beginning to send back some of the nearly 800,000 residents from the west end of the island, evacuated before the storm.

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