Fight looms for Browse supply base plan

A conservation group has vowed to fight in the courts any attempts to industrialise Western Australia’s Kimberley region, including the premier’s plans to establish a gas sector supply base at James Price Point.


Woodside announced on Tuesday it would seek approval from its Browse project joint venture partners for a floating development, a day after the state environmental approval for the now-abandoned onshore proposal was deemed invalid.

And later on Tuesday, Liberal leader Colin Barnett told a parliamentary committee he “wouldn’t anticipate major opposition from the Broome community” for a supply base at James Price Point.

But Peter Robertson of The Wilderness Society, which challenged the now discredited environmental approval, said Mr Barnett would have a battle on his hands.

“We will fight it all the way,” Mr Robertson told AAP.

While a supply base would have a lesser impact than a multi-user gas processing hub, it would still be “completely unacceptable” in an ecologically sensitive area.

The Premier is confident that much of the documentation from the original Browse environmental approval application will still stand, requiring a reasonably easy resubmission for the supply base plan.

He has suggested it wouldn’t take as long a second time around, also indicating an appeal against the Supreme Court decision was unlikely.

Mr Robertson says the state government risked the application being knocked back, throwing good taxpayer money after bad.

Alternatively, it would have to start from scratch, a suggestion Mr Barnett has already rejected.

Mr Robertson said the Premier had an unhealthy obsession with the Browse project and was trying to save face.

“It really is quite difficult the situation he’s got himself in.”

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