Abbott ridiculed after ‘suppository’ gaffe

An election-campaign slip by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is sitting a bit uncomfortably today.

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Mr Abbott was speaking in Melbourne at the launch of Liberal candidate Michael Sukkar’s campaign in the Labor-held seat of Deakin.

He was contrasting the established frontbench for the Liberals with what he depicted as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s domination of Labor’s bid for re-election.

But he did not quite express it the way he meant.

“No-one, however smart, however well-educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom, and I believe that we will be a much better government because we have a very strong team.”

The gaffe sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter:

Tony Abbott at least knows where his wisdom is and is hoping to move it. #Suppository #AusPol

— Sal (@Atheist_IMAGINE) August 12, 2013

Remember when I said earlier that Rupert Murdoch has his hand up Abbott's backside? Yes, we have found his suppository of all “wisdom”.

— Aaron Hewett (@urbancreature) August 12, 2013

To be fair to Tony Abbott, a slip of the tongue happens to us all. With Hindsight he regrets the Suppository comment. #auspol #ausvotes

— CaptainProton (@craigspissed) August 12, 2013

'suppository' is now trending in Australia 上海性息网网,上海夜生活,/giFpgT62Zv

— Trends Australia (@TrendsAustralia) August 12, 2013

“Suppository of wisdom”? GAFFEGATE!

— Bernard Keane (@BernardKeane) August 12, 2013

The “suppository of all wisdom”. Ah, what an interesting place to hide policies until they are released.

— Stephen Long (@StephenLongABC) August 12, 2013

Never thought I'd see the day when 'suppository' was trending in an election campaign.

— Mark Colvin (@Colvinius) August 12, 2013

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